Poverty to Prosperity

Att: Mr Bill Gates,
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

10 September, 2016

Re: From Poverty to Prosperity in Africa.

Dear Mr Gates,

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a fantastic reputation for changing lives, especially in Africa.

KickStart International help you lift thousands out of poverty by inspiring enterprise!

Our Super Money-Maker Pumps have revolutionised irrigation in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Sudan and other parts of Africa.

Our durable pump design is cost effective to manufacture, simple to use, and easy to repair. The human operator simply ‘pedals’ the pump to raise and distribute water for irrigation –delivering much more water with less labour than bucket irrigation.

How can your foundation help?

Our business model will utilise your funds to underwrite manufacture of pumps for sale, rather than giveaway. Research has shown that the purchase investment inspires a greater commitment to using the product, ensuring utilisation rates of 80% for purchased pumps versus just 30 percent for pumps given away.

Our product has created a substantial change in quality of life for these enterprising farmers, and helped them build a better future!

Crops are easier to water, with increased yields and making growth possible in more months in the year. This greater output brings substantial profit increases for the farmer.

These profits mean that the farmer can improve and increase their land, afford better quality food and healthcare, and send their children to school to build a better future through education. In time, they can expand improve their housing, expand their holdings and employ others.

This simple product is building successful communities.

Just $2 million of your dollars can help farmers create new profits of $27 million (Angwafo, 2011. p 335), bringing over 30,000 people out of poverty for that modest investment. Our business plan prospectus is included with this letter, or visit our website and see our video “Poverty to Prosperity in just one season.”

Help us make change in other African countries, and build a better future for African people!

In anticipation,

Darren Woolley
KickStart International

Angwafo, M. C. P. (2011). Yes, Africa Can. : World Bank Publications. Retrieved from http://www.ebrary.com.ezproxy.lib.swin.edu.au
Home – KickStart International. (2016). KickStart International. Retrieved 10 September 2016, from http://kickstart.org/

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