The nature of nature


Image 1: Merri Creek in Melbourne’s north east, long spoiled by industry, is doing what nature does best – building a new ecosystem. Between freeways and urban runoff; foreign ducks and local gum trees; Merri’s flora, fauna and aquatic life demonstrate the value of richly complex ecosystems – native or not – learning to “interact together in new ways” (Marris, 2011. p. 13) and find a new system of balance.


Image 2: With an “eye to the future” (Marris, 2011. p. 14), the City of Yarra and conservationists have created a ‘fishway’ at Dights Falls on the Yarra River, allowing fish to migrate upriver for the first time in decades. Clever design can’t restore a pristine environment, but it can give aquatic life a chance to migrate freely along hundreds of kilometres of river.

Image 1: Woolley, D (2016). Merri Creek/Eastern Freeway underpass. [Photograph]. Photographed Friday 30 September, 2016.
Image 2: Woolley, D (2016). Fishway at Dights Falls. [Photograph]. Photographed Friday 30 September, 2016.
Marris, Emma. (2011). Chapter 1 Weeding the jungle. Rambunctious garden: Saving nature in a post-wild world. New York: Bloomsbury.

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