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From a kaleidoscope of topics covered in Contemporary Design issues, one stands out easily more than the rest. Indeed it could be said that two become when, with Sustainability, and Cradle to Cradle design – logically tied together as idea and execution.

I have considered sustainability issues in the past, on behalf of a client manufacturing hundreds of thousands of donation boxes, and had weighed up the value of fast-growth managed forests pulling carbon from the air, against the value of recycled fibre, which can use a great deal of energy to create. Studying these topics more deeply have not necessarily brought more firm answers to questions like that, but have made me think more deeply about the importance of ensuring sustainability in print. There’s much to learn and I think this will resonate for me well into the future.

Sustainability/Cradle to Cradle are also the topics that I have learned the most about – having chosen Design for Disassembly as my essay topic for this unit. Looking deeply into supply chains, manufacturing methods, materials and the human aspect of being truthful about what’s actually in a product, and moving towards choosing better materials and methods for future use, are simple enough in themselves, and yet this method is rarely executed. It’s exciting to see that some are following cradle to cradle strategies and I would love to pursue this in future career choices. I’ve learned to follow a web of links and information to locate more interested examples of this philosophy, and I believe it will become a point of interest for future blogging as well.

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