Wk 2.1: Story summary

Quests and transformations are at the heart of my tale, and my focus is on the transformation of boy into dragon, caused by greed and lack of honour, and the price he pays to return to his original form.

This re-focus of the story down to a key event, allows the reader to explore that event – and how it transforms the chosen character through pain and embarrassment.

So, my 8 shorter sentences, covering the 8 spreads, are:

  1. In anger, I shout at my friends, and storm away, aimless in my anger
  2. I find a cave, a great place to hide – and inside I find gold – a veritable dragon’s hoard and all mine
  3. Stuffing my pockets with gold I feel complete, fall asleep, and awake feeling strange.
  4. Rising in anger, suddenly I’m breathing fire – I run from the cave, trip and now I’m flying – a dragon made real.
  5. I fly to my friends, but my dragon form scares them, so I fly away in shame and sadness
  6. I land in a valley, and in frustration try to remove my skin, when a lion appears and speaks to me, asking me to trust him.
  7. The lion helps me shed more skin with his claws, revealing my true self – full of pain and shame, but new again.
  8. Chastened, I return to my friends, who welcome me openly, and forgive my folly and shame.

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