Wk 2.3: Storyboard

This is a first draft of the storyboard. This exploration took time, and will need refinement and revisiting as the process goes forward.

I’ve updated my text to bring the language as much into the ‘first person’ with a ‘now’ tense.

The text for each spread or page is:


Page Draft of words Feature words
1 & 2 I shout at my friends, and in anger, I storm away.

I wander, aimless, angry, resentful…. ashamed.

Leave me alone!
3. There’s a dark place I can hide. I climb inside….
4. Look at this gold! So much gold, and no one knows it’s here…. so It’s all mine now. Everyone will be jealous. I’m rich!
5. I push a gold band onto my arm, coins in my pockets. So tired. Sleepy. Everyone will want to be my friend now…. They’re going to be jealous. So Jealous!
6. And I awake… it’s so dark. My arm hurts. Feels so tight. And why is the ceiling so low? Yawn…..aarrrrghhh!
7. I call out and suddenly there’s flames! Fire from my nose! Green scales! My arm is all green scales! Rumble. Roar
8. Outside at last. I need to run. So fast…. I’m flying! How can I fly?
9. I need to get back. Get help… I can see my friends! Why won’t my voice work! No! Don’t run away from me… ROAR!!!!!
10. Flying away. Feeling so sad. They’re afraid of me now….. And my arm hurts so much. The band is so tight. Hot dragon tears
11. Here’s a place I can stop. I need to get these scales off! It’s not my skin! And there’s more green scales underneath…
12. I see a Lion walking towards me. His beautiful eyes seem sad for me. I’m not afraid. I’m sad that I can’t be myself.
13. He looks into my eyes, then see his claws. So sharp….. I let him shred my green scales. It hurts, hurts so bad. Layers and more layers gone… Roooarrrrrr-hheeeeelppp!
14. And I am new again. The gold band is free on my arm. I’m me. All pink and new. He licks my head. He looks so deep inside me…. and then he’s gone Sigh
15 & 16 I’m all new. Real Skin. Me. I need to find my friends. There they are, running towards me. Hugging me. I’m so sorry…. I’m so sorry.

Some of this reconfiguration of text works to ensure that the text complements the visual, rather than repeats it.

The storyboard so far:


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