Wk 2.5: Review

The process of storyboarding and preparation of the words has led to deep consideration, not yet finalised, of how words and images interact.

Getting image content done for each page or spread was a mix of easy and difficult – finding a visual that complements rather than repeats the text is a real challenge.

My preferred method of illustration is to use type to create shape, and I have considered whether I use actual words drawn from the original story as the basis of that type.

At the end of this week’s process, the mood boards are:

Mood boards3

Mood boards2

Mood boards

The storyboards follow, based on these 8 sentences:

  1. In anger, I shout at my friends, and storm away, aimless in my anger
  2. I find a cave, a great place to hide – and inside I find gold – a veritable dragon’s hoard and all mine
  3. Stuffing my pockets with gold I feel complete, fall asleep, and awake feeling strange.
  4. Rising in anger, suddenly I’m breathing fire – I run from the cave, trip and now I’m flying – a dragon made real.
  5. I fly to my friends, but my dragon form scares them, so I fly away in shame and sadness
  6. I land in a valley, and in frustration try to remove my skin, when a lion appears and speaks to me, asking me to trust him.
  7. The lion helps me shed more skin with his claws, revealing my true self – full of pain and shame, but new again.
  8. Chastened, I return to my friends, who welcome me openly, and forgive my folly and shame.

In creating the final text for the pages, much of the original text was modified to move it into a first-person style and current tense.


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