Wk 7: Concepts

Today I did some brainstorming, may revisit this after I finish reading Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie letter, as that may reveal more about Ned.

I feel that while there is possibly more than one description for this film, it is primarily a drama. Ned and his Gang suffered persecution and mistrust, as accorded to many Irish immigrants at the time. They were seen as second class, dirty and ‘no good’.

The film paints a kinder picture than most, and gives the impression that the film makers agree with many that Kelly was a man made into a criminal by desperation and poor situation.

first brainstorm

From this, I definitely take an emotional stance of anger through injustice and oppression, resulting in necessary violence. So it’s a drama about the injustice of the situation.

  1. What feeling should the poster convey?

A glimpse of the man behind the mask. Anger, injustice, and some fear. An intelligent man forced into a situation.

2. What emotional elements will the poster convey?

The crux of this film is the ending, the man brought down, in spite of his armour. And the man inside revealed as being just a man after all. But regardless the emotion here is anger. Red, raw, anger and self defence from judgement and persecution.

3. How will tone and drama be created?

Always a fan of simplicity, I think that simple outline, shape, colour, strong type in defined clumps with good hierarchy will help ensure the starkness required for this. Focus should be on a single strong graphic element, that may be supported by some outlines.

4. How to promote this film as if it were being released today?

Strong film posters today, leverage refined hierarchy that links firmly to the associated image, and leverages a key point of interest – indeed a brand. That brand may be a director, producer, actor(s), protagonist, film series, or some other point of differentiation to lock onto as a focal point of difference.

In this case, the Kelly name is well known, both in Australia and abroad, and the story is known as a powerful one.


This poster should leverage the Kelly name strongly in the film title. The visual imagery of the armour is so well known that it’s almost essential to include it, however the simplest possible form would be best. Just an outline, and maybe using the eye hole as a window, to either a portion of the face, or perhaps events in miniature…. Colours should be strongly contrasted, and include the red of anger. Clear visual space between elements will add a modern style, utilising asymmetry and hierarchy to ensure clear presentation of information.

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