Wk 7: Moodboards

Here are my moodboards: I purposely did much of the research on other movie poster styles, rather than just standard visual research. On the whole, many of these examples give great reference as to visual impact, some with fantastic sense of scale.

Had difficulty finding goof reference for this, but it’s a start.

Mood boards-1

Mood boards-2


As shown in the moodboards above, I feel there is some good inspiration or reference in some of the wanted posters of the time. Many used slab serif ‘wanted’ style fonts, which are pretty average in style, but some used compact extra-bold sans-serif faces, which remain in style today.

Having read the Jerilderie letter, which was dictated to Ned by one of his gang members, I realised that one way to get a type style for the title, even if just for the word Kelly, was to reference the style of hand of Joe Byrne, who physically wrote the letter for Ned.

I searched the online transcripts, and only one occurence of the word “Kelly” appears in the text…..

From this page:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.39.43 pm.png

we can see this:

Crop on kelly

I believe I can recreate the style of this in such a way as to make it strong, bold and evocative of the era, in just one word, while linking back to the actual events by using this type.

That seems pretty amazing!

On to Illustrator….

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