Wk 7: A3 poster sketches

After making a couple of false starts with this, I decided to keep it simple, and black and white. I’ve already decided that the colour will be textured black for the entire background, with white overlaid text, and the eye-hole rectangle will be a slash of red – in both posters, which are variants on a theme.

Poster variant 1

In the above version, the title and billing block are balanced left and right, and the small scribbled circles are the bullet impressions in the mask (if I can get these to work, visually).

The ‘eye-hole’ slot of the mask is simply red, with blood dripping from the left hand corner. The positioning of this approximates the position of the eye-hole slot on the actual Ned Kelly mask, based on traces from a photograph.

The concept is simple and evocative.

Poster variant 2

The above version uses a similar base, re-sets position of the type and billing block to a traditional centred layout, and the eye-hole slot contains silhouetted figures facing off against each other, creating scale through contrast of the close-up eye-slot on the evocative sense of the poster as the helmet, while the figures are in miniature ‘in the distance’.

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